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Java development

Java is the world’s most commonly used language for developing corporate solutions. We can help your business hire Java developers with vast experience and competence.


Advantages of outsource Java development



The Java architecture is designed to meet high security requirements and has a wide range of integrated solutions and ways to customize them. When outsourcing Java development, the client company can use all of these solutions.



If your company uses Java for software development, it can spend fewer resources on development of horizontally and vertically scalable systems.



Java programs are compiled to bytecode that is run in the JVM. JVM implementations for different OS and hardware platforms allow Java to be portable across numerous systems.


Wide use

Java is one of the most popular programming systems, so with outsource Java development, your company will face no difficulties with development and further support of your project.


Great number of proven libraries

Thanks to a large community of dedicated Java developers, useful open-source services (e.g., ApacheSpring) and proven libraries are created regularly and can be used in almost any project.

Areas using JAVA development outsourcing


Many server apps for enterprises are written in Java. This includes software for financial organizations, which provide transaction execution and trade transaction recording.

Web apps

Popular frameworks, including Spring, Stuts and JSP, are used to develop various web applications: from ecommerce projects to large portals and from educational platforms to government websites.

Mobile development

Mobile development is another area of Java application. Apps for devices running on Android OS are written in this language.


Java can be used for processing large arrays of information, their structuring and their use.
Java can be used in the development of software for scientific purposes  – for example, processing of natural languages and programming of devices –  in everything from household appliances to industrial units.

Java is a general-purpose programming language. That is, a language that is used in the development of various software products, without a clear specialization in a specific environment. It is very similar to Python, JavaScript, and other languages at the same level as Java. In addition, Java borrows a ton of syntax from C and C++.

It is an object oriented language. The whole structure is built around objects, classes, instances and other formal entities that are accepted in the programming community as the standard for OOP development. It's like designing houses using separate building blocks that can then be used to construct different types of buildings. Programs written in Java are composed of such "blocks", which reduces development time, as well as makes the code more readable and easier to modify.

Java also acts as a platform. The code written in this language runs in the JVM virtual machine and initializes without problems on any system where the corresponding virtual machine is supported.

Java history

Java was developed by a team of engineers at Sun Microsystems in 1995. The company, along with Java, was later acquired by Oracle Corporation. 
A key challenge in Java's development was to create a programming language that could run on more than just computers. That is, it was versatile enough to work even on the operating system of the refrigerator. At the time of development, this decision seemed far-sighted, but it brought along with it several important architectural changes that became critical for Java and made the language popular. 

 For example, the language allowed you to write code once and compile it without changes for any third-party software. This greatly simplified development and, more importantly, reduced the number of man-hours required to write the code.

What programs can be written in Java?

Java is good because it is a general-purpose language – already in the basic configuration it is suitable for development for a whole arsenal of software platforms.

Java applications are used by astronauts, engineers, medical professionals, system administrators, and more. This language has affected almost any field of activity in one way or another.