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C++ development

Our C++ development company creates software for Windows, macOS and Linux platforms at any level—from low-level system programming, such as driver development and development for embedded systems, to high-level programming with STL and Qt.


Areas of application of C++development software


Writing desktop apps

There are so many well-known programs written in C++, it’s difficult to list them all. Here are a few: AdobePhotoshop, 3DsMax, various browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc., although they are not written exclusively in C++), skype, VLC player, BitTorrent, Steam and WinRAR archiver.


Game programming

Most game engines also are written on C++ — including SourceEngine from Valve (Half-Life 2 and CS) and UnrealEngine (Borderlands, DeusEx, Bioshock, Mirror'sEdge, MortalKombatX, and others).



Port management software (low-level programming).


Apps with focus on performance

Browser engines, stock exchange aggregators, i.e. trading).


Software for scientific calculations

With this language, a dedicated C++ developer can write parts of projects with special requirements to memory and loads. (The rest, including interfaces and logic, is written in a simpler language.)


GPU computing

Nvidia CUDA and OpenCL are two platforms that allow C++ code to be run on a graphics processing unit. GPUs contain hundreds of small computing cores, which simultaneously can perform simple mathematical operations. By using C++ development outsourcing and writing code to parallelize complex calculations on the GPU, it is possible to achieve very high performance and speed. C++ is excellent for this.


Possible applications Mining of Bitcoins

C++ code helps to mine faster.


Neural network learning

Most DeepLearning libraries use C/C++ code in CUDA or OpenCL to make neural networks learn and run faster. However, many features are available in C++, as well as in higher-level languages.
Shaders for games and graphics software: Shaders are small pieces of code that run in parallel on the GPU and perform complex graphical tasks (such as ray tracing).

Advantages of outsource C++ development

High compatibility with the C language, allowing the use of the entire existing C code. C code can be compiled with minimal modifications by the C++ compiler. Libraries written in C can usually be called from C++ directly, without any additional cost, including the level of callback functions, enabling the libraries written in C to call code written in C++.

Various programming styles and techniques are supported, including traditional directive programming, OOP, generic programming and metaprogramming (templates and macros).

It is possible to work at a low level with memory, addresses and ports.

You can hire a C++ developer to create generic containers and algorithms for different data types and specialize and compile them using templates.

C++ has a cross-platform nature. Outsource C++ development is used for creating software for a wide range of platforms and systems.

C++ is efficient. The language is designed to give the programmer maximum control over all aspects of the structure and execution order of the program.

Related technologies

  • STL is a library of components (templates) that are used to facilitate programming for frequently repeated tasks. STL includes things such as vectors, lists, dictionaries and containers
  • Boost is an extension of the standard plus library. It includes all the things that were not covered by the standard language. (Later, some things from Boost were included in the standard language). The drawback of this library is its size and complexity, but, in fact, its use in C++ projects is more than justified.
  • Qt is a framework that allows creating cross-platform apps in C++ and other languages.
  • Wt is a C++ library that focuses on developing web apps.
  • NDK is a package for developing apps for mobile devices in C++. Its benefits include working with OpenGL, low-level programming and using code that was written previously in C++ for Android.

Philosophy of C++

First, this language is planned so that it is as compatible with C as possible. This allowed programmers to easily switch from one language to another. Programmers also can take advantage of all the benefits C had: portability, working with the UNIX environment and high efficiency of low-level languages.

Secondly, the programmer has free reign. This is especially relevant for memory management. For example, there is garbage collection in C++, but it has been moved to additional libraries. Stroustrup has done this so that the programmer could decide for themselves when it is needed and when it is not.

Finally, OPP support was added. When computers became available to the mass consumer, and there was a need for programs to have a graphical interface, the advantage of OOP became obvious. That is why C++ took the lead and C++ development outsourcing is now in high demand.