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Javascript development

JavaScript is a multi-paradigm programming language that supports object-oriented, imperative and functional styles. JavaScript development software is used to create interactive, dynamic web pages, which means it helps make your site more responsive. Everything a user clicks, enters, edits or opens on a website is possible thanks to JS.


Advantages and possibilities of outsourced JavaScript development


Irreplaceable for web development

Scripts are supported by all popular browsers, Using JavaScript also allows full integration with page layout (HTML+CSS) and server side (backend).


High processing speeds and performance

Javascript allows partial processing of web pages on the user’s computer, without sending requests to the server. Thus, a decision to outsource JavaScript development eventually saves time and traffic and reduces the server load.


Powerful infrastructure (ecosystem)

In the first 10 years, it was impossible to think about it. Then, the number of freely accessible out-of-the-box solutions increased so much that the work with Javascript and its frameworks became a pure delight.


Simplicity and rationality of use

A simple task can be solved in five minutes. You don’t need to do extra work. For complex tasks, there are many possible solutions. So you can hire a JavaScript developer who will choose and adapt the best one.


User-friendly user interfaces

JavaScript allows users an amazing level of usability - from tilling out forms, selecting actions, and activating buttons to checking input and responding to hovering/mouse clicks, etc. 


Wide use

Any browser, any operating system supports this language. There will be no problems with the launch  on a desktop computer or on a mobile device. The website developer now does not need to write separate versions for different types of devices and test and fix unexpected bugs. Checking code performance in most popular browsers is enough. All browsers, even the lesser-known ones, are developed with the ability to run these scripts.


Does not require installation on the user’s computer

The scripts run directly in the browser when the page loads. The user doesn’t take any actions to do this and doesn’t even notice that the web app has launched. Therefore, no special knowledge and skills are required to use JS development products.


High-level language

This means there is already a specific set of commands that can be used to write the code. There is no need to write actions in the machine code. A high-level language simplifies the work of the programmer, but does not limit the range of his possibilities.

Application of Javascript development


Creating a web app in JavaScript is one of the basic features of this programming language. The web app runs with a browser, and in fact, it is a site with interactive elements through which the users interact. For example, with the help of such a service, we can sell goods and services, make reservations and calculate credits.

Server apps

Almost any service works on a “client-server” model. This means that its architecture has a part that is responsible for receiving, processing and outputting the information.
This is precisely what Javascript server-side web app development is about. It is not a full-fledged program, but its backend part allows performing the necessary functions.

Mobile apps

With JavaScript development outsourcing and creating mobile apps for Android with Javascript, you get the advantage that your project also will work for iOS. You don’t need to create two separate teams. Instead, you can just take advantage of the cross-platform nature of JS.

Browser extensions

Since JavaScript executes code in the browser, it’s a great choice for creating browser extensions. Write your own email checker or, for example, an activity counter that will keep track of how much time you spent working and how much time you spent browsing social media.

Dynamic web pages

Pop-up prompts, animated images, falling snowflakes and other animations - JavaScript can give you it all. JS code is embedded in a web page, and when the user opens it, the script is executed directly in the browser.


JavaScript also has made its way to desktop applications. Thus, GitHub combined the above mentioned Node.js, rendering engine Chromium and developed the framework Elestron for writing cross-platform desktop projects.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a multi-paradigm programming language that supports object-oriented, imperative and functional styles. It’s used to create interactive, dynamic web pages, which means it helps make your site more responsive. Everything a user clicks, enters, edits or opens on a website is possible thanks to JS.

Originally, the language was only used for client-side (frontend) development. But now you can hire a Javascript developer for server-side (backend) software development. Frameworks and libraries such as Angular, React, Vue and Node.js are widely used by developers because they provide ready-made toolkits and simplify writing of the code.

Key differences between JavaScript and other frontend languages

It should be emphasized that JavaScript has nothing to do with Java; don’t confuse them with one another. JavaScript is often abbreviated to two letters: JS. Today, JavaScript is still the only language that can be run in a browser, but that does not mean that it has no alternatives. New frontend development languages are emerging and compiled into JavaScript.

The very first was CoffeeScript, which became quite popular because of its simplicity. Adopting ideas from Python and Ruby, this programming language offered improved syntax. The code ran faster and was half as short as in JS. Subsequently, the creator of JavaScript, Brendan Eich, admitted that many of CSs ideas influenced the development of JavaScript. CS is no longer used in commercial development, and it was surpassed by competitors, each of which also improved JS in their own way. Current competitors include Dart, TypeScript and Elm.

Dart is a new C-like language created by Google as a replacement for JavaScript. It abandons JavaScript’s prototype-based inheritance system in favor of a more traditional object-oriented approach. Unlike JavaScript, Dart is a language with static typing that eliminates common sources of error in JavaScript code. Dart is used not only for creating web apps; mobile apps can also be written with the help of frameworks like Flutter.

TypeScript is Microsoft’s attempt to improve JavaScript. Unlike Dart, TypeScript is not a new language, but a subset of JavaScript that introduces several new features, the most important of which is the type system.

While Dart and TypeScript have obvious similarities to JavaScript and C, Elm is more similar to Haskell. Elm is a functional programming language for frontend development. With static types and immutable values, Elm eliminates a lot of potential code bugs.

Each of the reviewed languages offers a different approach to writing web applications and interactive interfaces, but currently none of them can replace JavaScript because it is the only language supported by web browsers.

Outsource javascript development vs. hiring a full-time dedicated JavaScript developer

Since knowledge of JavaScript at a basic level is a must for all web developers, JavaScript specialists work for different types of organizations, including large corporations and government agencies, small- and medium-scale companies and even as independent freelancers. But the experience of these developers varies greatly, and hiring a specialist to join your staff can turn into a long process.

Javascript development outsourcing will be the right choice when you have a number of tasks for creating and developing a front-end app of various complexities. In this case, ordering this service from a specialized JavaScript development company can be much more reasonable, regardless of whether the project needs a responsive user interface with an attractive design or whether you want to enter the mobile app market. With JavaScript development outsourcing, you will find specialists of different levels who can form powerful teams to quickly deal with any challenges.