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Python development

Python is a general-purpose programming language with high-level data structures, dynamic typing, linking and a number of other features. Outsource Python development is widely used by countless companies around the world One of the reasons for the popularity of this language is that it works with equal efficiency on OS/2, Macintosh, UNIX and Windows. Versatility of the language allows dedicated Python developers to deploy large programs and create small apps.


Application of Python development software


Web development in Python

Today, Python is quite widely applied in web development. Frameworks such as Django, Flask, Pyramid, Pylons, TurboGears and CherryPy are commonly used. In addition, there are special engines for creating websites using Python programming language:

  • Saleor
  • Wagtail
  • Abilian SBE
  • Ella
  • Django-CMS

An outsource Python development company can use this language to write parsers for collecting information on the Internet. For example, Google uses Python to index sites.


Software applications in Python

Desktop software can be developed using Python language as well. Here are the examples of such software:

  • GIMP — visual Linux editor
  • UbuntuSoftwareCenter — application center in Ubuntu OS
  • BitTorrent up to sixth version inclusive — torrent manager (the program is now rewritten in C++)
  • Blender — application for creating 3D graphics

Games in Python

Many computer games are either fully or partially written in Python. Some say it’s not a good language for serious projects, but in fact it was used to develop the following hits:

  • World of Tanks
  • Battlefield 2
  • Civilization IV
  • EVE Online

Despite the possibility to create user interfaces and graphics, Python is mostly used to write scripts to run scenes, character interactions and event processing.


Embedded systems

Python is used to program embedded systems for various devices. For example, the language has come in handy for Sberbank to manage ATMs.
Other successful projects include:

  • The Owl Embedded Python System
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Python Embedded Tools
  • EmbeddedPython

Python also is used in embedded industrial software on CNC machines and  telecommunications equipment, as well as for working with automatic control of pressure, temperature and fluid flow.


Mobile apps in Python

Mobile development in the Python programming language is widespread as well. Yes, Java, C++ and C#  are usually used to write apps for Android and Swift/Objective-C is used for iOS. But when it comes to programming the server side of mobile apps, many companies choose to hire a Python developer. For example, the Instagram-client for iOS is written in Objective-C, but the server is written in Python.


Creating scripts in Python

We’ve already mentioned the scripts in Python. This refers to writing plugins and script code for already existing software when it is necessary to create additional modules or implement some logic. Such scripts are embedded into the software written in other programming languages in order to automate certain tasks. 


Python system administration

System administrators use Python to automate tasks. It is a simple and powerful language that supports special packages, increasing its efficiency. One of the key advantages of outsource Python development is that Python is installed on all servers with Linux by default.


Scientific research in Python

A range of libraries for Python are used when performing calculations and research:

  • SciPy
  • NumPy
  • Matplotlib

Many scientists (physicists, mathematicians and biologists) choose this language because of its specialized libraries and ease of learning.


DataScience and Python

Python is considered the most in-demand language in DataScience. It is used to write algorithms of ML programs and analytical apps. It also is used to serve cloud services and data warehouses.


Testing in Python

Along with Java, Python programming language is broadly applied for test automation.


Because of its flexibility, the language has gained popularity among many developers. Developers can take everything in Python apart and put it back together at any time.


One of the language’s slogans is Just Import!, which perfectly explains how expandable the language is and how it has been expanded in recent years. There are libraries and frameworks for every type of task and need with Python. Another great benefit is that C code can be used from Python.

Simple syntax

Syntax is exactly what made me fall in love with Python. All unnecessary things were removed from the syntax. The code is clean and clear, without excessive brackets and expressions.


Python interpreter exists for all popular platforms and is included by default in most Linux distributions, which means it is available on most servers out of the box.


There is a uniform standard for writing the code, which makes it maintainable and readable even when it is passed from one programmer to another one. This keeps this language as a whole and Python development outsourcing popular.

Open source

Python interpreter code is open source, allowing anyone interested in developing the language to participate and improve it. If you look at the release details of one of the language versions, you can see that a huge part of the new functionality was implemented by third-party developers.


Python has a very friendly and nice community, which is ready to help any beginner or a skilled developer and deal with their problems.

Renowned projects utilizing Python

  • Instagram - More than four million people visit this incredibly popular social network every day. The main technology used in its creation is Python.
  • Spotify - This app sets the style in the music streaming industry. It was created using Python.
  • Disqus - Users use this plugin to leave 50 million comments on websites every month. The main programming language used to develop this plugin is Python.
  • Ubuntu Software Center - The application center in the Ubuntu operating system was developed with Python.

Why choosing outsource Python development

Choosing a technology is an important business decision that should be addressed responsibly. Migration to another technology is usually expensive, so it is important not to make a mistake at the very beginning. One should take into account the project goals and choose a programming language and framework accordingly.

Python will not be the right choice for all web services. The technology is not suitable for projects from the financial sector, where the response time in milliseconds is a crucial factor. PHP of 7 version runs three times faster, which means it is more suitable for online stores, for which SEO is important. 

Outsource Python development is worth considering for solving narrowly focused tasks. There are many areas of application of this technology where speed is not the key priority. For example, Python can be used for automation of accounting processing. Outsourcing Python development will free you from the need to hire an in-house specialist who you may not always be able to provide with Python work.