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Vue.js development

Vue.js is a JavaScript library for developing simple web interfaces. Resorting to Vue.js development company makes sense when you need a single-page, a powerful web app or a small website that runs quickly and adapts to the user through its dynamic interface.


Advantages of Vue.js development outsourcing


Low load

Vue.js framework features a very compact main library (only 17 KB). As a result, load on the app or site is low, while the speed of loading the pages is high. Vue.js is easily scalable, so the developer can quickly expand the site’s functionality without losing the site loading speed.


Easy integration

Vue.js framework is easy to integrate with backend frameworks. As a result, the libraries are easy to pair with all types of packages. Vue.js can be implemented gradually and the features of this technology are easy to understand, particularly because of the well-prepared documentation.



Vue.js framework is suitable for small projects that need to add speed but still retain authorization, user data input and other similar functions. It is a good option for creating single-page apps, frontend blogs and dynamic interfaces.



Vue.js can handle very high loads, which allows the framework to be used on websites with tens of millions of users.

Peculiarities of outsource Vue.js development

Advanced HTML

Many companies decide to hire Vue.js developers to optimize the processing of HTML blocks using different components.

Detailed documentation

When companies outsource Vue.js development, it accelerates the developer training, which, in its turn, saves time on app development with the use of basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and Vue.js development software.

Vue.js is a framework and a set of ready-made modules (code fragments) that are used to solve the most common tasks, for example, to create a navigation menu, order form, instant search bar, etc.

The first public version of Vue.js was released in 2014. Its boilerplate syntax was very similar to AngularJS, and its component based architecture was similar to what React offered – which immediately made it famous among JavaScript developers at the time. But Vue.js only really became popular a year later, when it was discovered by the Laravel community (a popular PHP framework).

Vue offers a truly elegant and flexible API  – not only for the underlying architecture of the application, but also for smooth transitions between views. Transitions and animations enhance the UX experience by smoothing out changes between states. The human brain loves movement, which is why it is an important part of modern websites and applications. Animation is key when we need to grab the user's attention, when we want to keep the user on our website for a longer period, or just to make our product more fun.

One of the key strengths of Vue is its progressive nature. This means that you can gradually transition to the framework, adding elements where needed. This will make your application scale much smoother, allowing you to remain flexible in terms of features, team customization, and tools.

Development on Vue.js is used for user interfaces of various projects: websites, online stores, online services, etc. etc.

Industries in which Vue.js is in demand:

  • IT companies that create software for business and the corporate sector;
  • Internet sales;
  • Online retail stores;
  • Services for ordering goods and services, for example, for booking tickets;
  • Media, news portals, entertainment resources;
  • Banks, payment systems, e-wallets and tender platforms;
  • Educational platforms, online schools;
  • Government services.