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Angular development

AngularJS is one of the most popular toolkits for web application development. Thanks to its technical potential and open source code, this JavaScript framework allows dedicated Angular developers to create browser apps taking into account the finest details. Also, the integrated simplified testing often enables the customer to get a ready-made solution ahead of the deadline.


Advantages of Angular development outsourcing


Speed of development

Many essential development tools are already built into the framework. As a result, even complex projects can be completed much faster with outsource Angular development, without losing quality or functionality. This will positively impact the launch time of your startup.


Evolving community

A large and active ecosystem has been formed around the Angular development software. There is a big community of developers, and new third-party tools that facilitate the development process appear regularly. This all makes working with Angular easier and enables solving development problems simpler and faster.



Angular websites and apps are easier to upgrade and maintain. This is very important not only for the developer, but also for the customer, who saves the resources.


Functionality and style

Sites and services created with Angular are always feature-rich, reliable and eye-catching. This is highly appreciated by the users. As a result, many customers want to hire Angular developers to get more requests, positive feedback and establish a good reputation for their companies.


Web component support

Angular web components are based on a new web component standard, as opposed to the closed modularization system AngularJS. In practice, this means that Angular makes it possible to directly use any component written as a web component, without resorting to the layout code.


TypeScript use

The most significant commercial advantage of TypeScript consists in its toolset. This language allows for modern auto-filling, navigation and refactoring. Such tools become almost indispensable when working with large-scale projects.


Superior performance

Angular2 does not perform a thorough comparative analysis of objects. No path change will be detected if some element is added to the data array. This applies also to object properties as long as they are not directly related to the View.

The Angular framework is a state-of-the-art and high-performance technology. It is suitable for the development of web systems, mobile apps and high-loaded and complex websites, as well as SPA apps (single page application). The platform runs according to the Model-View-Controller model.

Angular is often called the MVW (model-view-whatever) framework. The key benefits for startups and companies include quick code writing, quick testing of any part of the app and two-way data binding (changes in the backend are immediately reflected in the user interface). Since its release, the ecosystem of this framework has overstepped the boundaries of imagination. Now, it is recognized as the most widely used framework for developing single-page apps. Moreover, it has the largest developer community.

Angular comes with a wide range of features that allow developing anything from web to mobile apps. The framework is built on Microsoft’s TypeScript with the aim of making JavaScript more flexible and attractive for large enterprises. Angular functions feature a component-based architecture with improved DI (dependency injection).

Our Angular development company creates websites, services and mobile applications based on the latest development technologies.

Our dedicated Angular developers use Angular and other frameworks based on JavaScript. The main selection criterion is in compliance with customer needs, specific features of the project and framework capabilities.

We analyze the customer’s request and elaborate the task and requirements for future service. Based on this, our developers decide whether it makes sense to use Angular or other frameworks.