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C# development

C# is an object-oriented programming language and a popular Microsoft programming language. C# development software is used to develop numerous applications and systems around the world.


Areas of application of outsource C# development


Machine learning

Since C# is a Microsoft project, it is well-supported and has many libraries. In the world of outsource C# development, there are libraries for almost everything, including neural networks and machine learning (ML.NET).
That means a dedicated C# developer can use all the features of neural networks in your apps and combine them using the same programming language. And since C# is a multi-platform language, machine learning can be integrated into almost anything, from mobile apps to wearable electronics.


DirectX games

DirectX is a set of components that are used by C# development companies for programming three-dimensional graphics and working with sound and video. You can hire a C# developer to easily connect to DirectX and write your own 3D shooter game or any other game. Technically, it works as follows: C# handles the game’s logic and behavior, while DirectX handles the graphics and sound.


Unity games

Unity is an engine for creating 2D and 3D games. It takes care of physics, graphics and a lot of the service stuff so that you can focus on the content and scenario of the game. That’s all well and good, but you can.t do without programming in Unity anyway. So, experienced developers recommend choosing C# for Unity. There are also other options, such as Unity’s own language UnityScript or JavaScript.


Games and programs for different mobile platforms

To make C# code work on different platforms, such as Mono and Xamarin, developers use  products for cross-platform development.


Web programs and services

You can hire a C# developer for creating web apps too.

Advantages of C# development outsourcing

Microsoft support

Unlike Java, which didn’t benefit from being transferred into Oracle’s ownership, C# is growing well thanks to Microsoft’s efforts.


Many things have been improved recently. Since C# was created later than Java and other languages, it needed a lot of refinement. As a result, C# has open-source code and its tools (such as VisualStudio, Xamarin) became free for individuals and small companies.

Lots of syntactic sugar

Syntactic sugars are structures designed to make it easier to write and understand the code (especially, another programmer’s code) and don’t play a role in compilation. C# has lots of syntactic sugars in it.

Average learning curve

With syntax similar to C, C++ or Java, programming in C# is an easy transition for programmers. For beginners, it is also one of the most promising languages to learn.


Since Microsoft purchased Xamarin, C# development outsourcing now can be used to write software for Android and iOS. This is definitely a big advantage, since Microsoft's mobile OS (WindowsPhone) hasn’t gained much popularity.

Functional programming

Functional programming (F#) has been added in C#.


There is a large community of C# programmers.

Examples of C# projects

Mono is a project that was dedicated to a free implementation of C# and .NET. That is, it would allow to write in C# for Linux and Mac OS X, for example. XamarinStudio, which enables developing mobile apps in C# without using platform (Java and Objective-C) native for languages, was created on the basis of Mono. It was bought from the author (Miguel de Icaza) and implemented in VisualStudio.

DirectX is an API for Windows programming and is most often used in game programming. With DirectX, a developer can write a great 3D shooter game, for example.

Unity is a cross-platform game engine that allows creating 2D and 3D games. It is very popular among indie developers and also is adopted by large companies. For example, Hearthstone is based on Unity.

Initially, Microsoft was going to release its version of Java (MicrosoftJava or J++), but it had to sue the rights holders (SunMicrosystems) because of some controversial points. Therefore, management decided to create their own language to meet their requirements and to control its development. This is how C# emerged.

C# was developed thanks to the efforts of Anders Hejlsberg, the creator of the compiler that served as the basis for TurboPascal and the Delphi programming language. The first C# version appeared in June 2000 (perhaps as a way for Microsoft to celebrate the new millennium), and the final version was released in 2002 along with VisualStudio. Now C# has become one of the most popular programming languages and even has begun to surpass its predecessor.

C# philosophy

It’s hard to speak about any language philosophy when it comes to C#. The point is that the language was not of open source from the very beginning, since it was created specifically for a famous corporation headed by Bill Gates. Many concepts and structures were borrowed from other languages, such as C, C++, Java, etc. (In fact, the first versions of the language were very similar to Java. Yet, C# cannot be considered a clone of this language, because it has surpassed Java in many respects.)

C# cannot be viewed only as a language. It is part of a larger system that includes the Windows operating system, the VisualStudio development environment (and other tools), and, of course, Microsoft itself, which provides support for the language. C# will be around as long as Microsoft exists and as long as people use Windows — a long time.