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Swift development

Swift is Apple's programming language for building apps for iOS, AppleTV, AppleWatch. With this powerful next-generation language, our development company Swift will help you create incredible products.


Peculiarities and advantages of Swift development outsourcing



Because Apple is minimalist, Swift has a simple syntax and is available to developers who are fluent in other languages. This factor plays a decisive role in the creation of applications for multiple platforms.



Functional safety is another advantage of Swift. It is a statically typed language that allows you to quickly find and fix errors before compiling your code.


Automatic memory control

Swift’s automatic reference counting monitors and manages the app memory. Now developers don’t have to waste time to do it themselves. This reduces the time required for app development.


Open-source code

With the advent of open source in 2015, Swift's popularity skyrocketed. It retains its position to this day – for example, in 2021, Swift is one of the main languages in mobile development.


Striking potential

Apple created Swift with the key purpose of replacing Objective-C. Apple's support will ensure that this language will have a long life. It is the main competitor to languages such as C, C ++, Objective-C, and even Rust. Swift is designed to work at a lower level than Java or C #, which means it will definitely have many new followers, since it is useful for more than just front-end application development.



Integration with the Objective-C Runtime Library allows you to hire a Swift developer who can write programs in Objective-C Swift, C and C ++ at the same time.



The main goal pursued by the creators of Swift is high speed of code execution and program execution. Therefore, the language surpasses Objective-C and Python in speed, and developers strive to make it faster than C ++ – a language that is sometimes considered the fastest programming language of all.

Swift is a really convenient and powerful language that claims not only to replace Objective-C in the Apple ecosystem, but also to encroach on the entire C family.

New versions of Swift continue to undergo fundamental changes in syntax and data types. The language is maturing before our eyes, and it’s easier to understand the logic of change.

At the heart of Swift is the desire to leave as few vulnerabilities as possible and maximally secure your code from errors. The programmer does not have to keep everything in mind and keep track of everything. This is necessary in C-like languages, and if earlier it was justified, because they worked faster than others, then Swift catches up with performance even C++  – and after all, the further, the better it will be optimized. A programmer who writes code in Swift does not have a huge amount of headache associated with memory management and other things.

The main philosophy of the language is its simplicity, speed and security. Apple has made the language as simple as possible for developers: the syntax has become cleaner, which increases the readability of the code for both experienced and novice programmers. The total amount of code has decreased, resulting in improved performance. All the methods that were used in Objective C have been completely redesigned, rethought and rewritten. Swift is constantly evolving and updated, which speaks of its reliability and focus on the future.