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Staff augmentation service

Our staff augmentation service can help you enrich your team with our specialists. They are selected according to their professional experience and your necessities. These employees will integrate into your work process, internalizing your company's culture and adapting to its strategic goals.

When do you need an IT-team augmentation service?


Developing New Modules or Applications

With our IT team augmentation service, you get committed and technically skilled developers who can help you speed up your business process and/or the integration of your product.


Saving Time and Resources

It might be pretty hard to employ and secure an exceptional and profitable IT talent in your area. Our IT augmentation service can thelp. Plus, you won’t have to spend time onboarding new employees.


Long-Term Cooperation

The extended team works  within the rules of your company. You can bank on them 24/7. Finally, we work to make our IT augmentation service a long-term relationship with your company, with rewarding benefits.  Getting more for less 
Our balanced and sharp teams will help you meet your goals quickly and with the best possible performance. Plus, you won’t run over the budget due to our guaranteed year-to-year price.


Ongoing Bug Fixes and Support

We can also propose the best-suited technologies if your company needs them and help integrate new features into your product.


Quality Guarantee

Our goal is to reduce the risk of your company releasing an incomplete software product, thus protecting you from additional expenses.


Crypto friendly

We accept your project's native crypto as a payment method for our services (if your project is in CMC 300 rating), which allows you to save more cash on your bank account to drive other business needs. This flexibility demonstrates why Fcs.Ninja stands out as a blockchain app development agency committed to fostering innovation and ease of transaction.

Why Fcs.Ninja?

Committed Teams

In Fcs.Ninja’s staff augmentation service, developers are assigned to a particular client. You won’t find your engineers allocated to other projects or accounts. Your company’s know-how will help cut down diverse risks and will remain unblemished over the course of Fcs.Ninja’s services.

Maintain Supervision and Control

Developers from the extended team coordinate with your internal team in no time, submit to in-house management and are actively engaged in the daily process.

Save Time

Our team members adhere to your deadlines and we use an  efficient recruitment process for you to succeed. We can recruit the needed skilled workers for every role in no time.


Our interview process is based on rigorous examination of each applicant’s logical/mathematical reasoning skills, technical ability and soft skills . Only the best developers who correspond with all these skills can work with our clients.

What exactly is team augmentation?

Team augmentation is a flexible business approach that helps you build or expand your team through the outsourcing of a specialist. It makes it possible to independently decide who to hire, as well as to reduce or increase the team at any time. 

IT-staff augmentation service providers can help add experienced developers to your team, whether for short or long term. These specialists are hired by the suppliers themselves. This approach reduces costs and eliminates the responsibility for hiring new employees. 

The team augmentation service is suitable for you if: 

  •  Your company already has a development team, but you need to start work on another part of the project. You may be missing a few people in your team, but there are no worthy candidates next to you. Thus, self-hiring of new specialists can take twice as long, and the attendant risks make this option not viable.
  • Your product may require some new engineers. However, you cannot find employees who know the set of technologies that you want to use, so you want to start looking for employees abroad. 
  • Cooperation with an outsourcing company is not suitable for you for several reasons. First, you need to communicate directly with your team members on a daily basis. Second, your goals require you to be intimately familiar with your developers.

What will you get from our team augmentation service?

High level of productivity

Thanks to IT-staff augmentation service, you will get a high level of productivity, since the outsourcing team can support several projects at the same time. Working with one client helps developers increase their level of interest and commitment to your project. 

Intellectual property rights protection

Unlike working with an outsourcing company, all intellectual property rights are yours when you work with our extended team. 


You can achieve flexibility with our extensive IT talents pool. We have front-end developers, UI/ UX designers, Scrum masters, and even product owners. Replacing the developer is easy. If you partner with an IT-staff augmentation service provider like Fcs.Ninja, there will be no additional replacement costs. 
Cost effectiveness 

The pay structure for team replenishment is very transparent. Plus, you don't have to worry about organizational costs such as office space, workplaces, and other facilities. You only pay the vendor who organizes it all for you, so you can focus on your core tasks.