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Manual QA

Outsource manual testing of software with the main test steps performed manually is quite effective in terms of error detection, since the tester can evaluate even vaguely defined criteria.

When companies don’t use outsource manual quality assurance (QA)


Increased testing costs

Shortages of employees and expertise are mitigated by recruiting new employees and increasing  expenses for training and purchasing equipment.


Poor quality of software product

The situation is further aggravated by a lack of resources and a partial refusal to test new functions.


Overload with non-core testing tasks

Employees have to be involved in unpopular non-core QA activities.


Lack of expertise

There is no chance to reduce the costs by applying industry practices and QA automation.


High indirect costs

Example: Due to the lack of QA, the defect penetrated into production operation and disrupted the work of end users. Such a defect costs the business much more than QA would have cost.


Crypto friendly

We accept your project's native crypto as a payment method for our services (if your project is in CMC 300 rating), which allows you to save more cash on your bank account to drive other business needs. This flexibility demonstrates why Fcs.Ninja stands out as a blockchain app development agency committed to fostering innovation and ease of transaction.

The benefits of outsource manual quality assurance

Reinforcement of existing tester team
We provide your company with experts who match the level of your specialists or are more experienced than they are.

Testing the project from the start or testing the finished project
We are ready to test the project from the start of work, so that there are as few bugs as possible. Alternatively, we can help test a ready-made project at any stage.

Refactoring + QA continuation
We can continue testing if you decide to change your contractor.

Features and advantages of manual QA outsourcing


Reducing the testing time by up to 50% thanks to well-established processes. As a result, a customer’s QA costs are reduced by 30-50% with manual QA outsourcing.

Improved product quality

Reducing the number of defects increases software stability and minimizes customer image risks.


We carry out outsource manual QA both for projects with fixed budgets and for projects with dynamically changing business requirements.

QA types

  • Functionality testing;
  • Usability testing;
  • Interface testing;
  • Compatibility testing;
  • Performance testing  and testing of site or app loading speed;
  • Security testing.

Manual quality assurance is an effective way to detect errors in software, which involves passing test scenarios manually, without using software tools. This method helps improve software reliability, increase performance and reduce the cost of further modifications.

Manual functional testing is a part of the testing process during software QA at the development stage. It involves creating test scripts by simulating user actions and passing them manually to detect any errors and inaccuracies.

Manual QA of sites, software and apps implies execution of a documented test procedure. The method defines the test order, the input parameter values and the output results.

Manual QA of software allows detecting errors in software functions at an early stage of development, reducing the cost to fix them and increasing the probability of fixing them correctly.

Outsource QA enables your company to improve the quality of developed software at a minimum cost and reduce the risks associated with incorrect use of software products. Outsource QA services eliminate the need to have a QA specialist department in your company. Our qualified team of outsource testers will conduct a complete QA of your product with the use of the leading testing practices at all stages of software development.