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TypeScript development

When working with any programming language, we track down the exceptions and read through the code line by line, searching for a bug and a way to fix it. TypeScript allows programmers to automate this unpleasant part of the development process. Unlike many other typed languages, TypeScript is application-oriented. TypeScript development outsourcing introduces new concepts that enable expressing the ideas more briefly and accurately and easily creating scalable and secure state-of-the-art apps.


Advantages of outsource TypeScript development



JavaScript is an interpreted language. It needs to be run to check that it is valid. This means  a TypeScript development company writes all codes only to find no outgoing data in case of an error. Consequently, there is no need to spend hours trying to find bugs in the code. The TypeScript transporter offers an error-checking feature. TypeScript will compile the code and will compile errors if it finds any syntax errors. This helps a dedicated TypeScript developer identify the errors before running the script.


Strict static typing

JavaScript is not strictly typed. TypeScript comes with additional static typing and type output via TLS (TypeScript language service). The type of a variable that is declared without a type can be determined by TLS based on its value.



TypeScript supports type definitions for existing JavaScript libraries. The TypeScript definition file (with .dts extension) contains the definition for external JavaScript libraries. As a result, TypeScript code can contain these libraries.



TypeScript supports object-oriented programming concepts such as classes, interfaces, inheritance, etc.

Features of TypeScript development outsourcing

TypeScript is just a JavaScript

TypeScript starts with JavaScript and ends with JavaScript. Typescript takes the basic building blocks of your program from JavaScript. Consequently, you only need to know JavaScript to use TypeScript. The entire TypeScript code is converted to its JavaScript equivalent for execution purposes.

TypeScript supports other JS libraries

The compiled TypeScript can be used from any JavaScript code. JavaScript generated by TypeScript can reuse all existing JavaScript platforms, tools and libraries.

JavaScript is TypeScript

This means that any acceptable .js file can be renamed to .ts and compiled with other TypeScript files.

TypeScript is portable

TypeScript is portable across all browsers, devices and operating systems. It can run in any environment in which JavaScript runs. Unlike its analogues, TypeScript does not require a dedicated virtual machine or special runtime environment to be run.

Peculiarities of TypeScript development software

TypeScript is a programming language that fixes many of the shortcomings of JavaScript. TypeScript code looks almost identical to JS code. If you have experience in frontend development, learning TypeScript is quite easy, especially considering that you can write JS code directly in TS scripts.

TypeScript code compiles JS and is suitable for developing any project for any browser,  especially since you can choose the JS version you want the code to compile in.

TypeScript is an open-source project, so it is developing very quickly. A lot of things that appear in TS later move into JavaScript, such as let and const, arrow functions and so on.

Let’s look at two major advantages of TS over JS and why it is worth it to hire a TypeScript developer.

Strict typing

Many problems in JavaScript appear because of dynamic typing and generally strange behavior of data types:
In TypeScript, the typing is static, which eliminates many problems. There are numeric type, string type, logical type and others. It is also possible to describe your own data types.

Improved OOP

Both JS and TS have support for object-oriented programming: classes, objects and inheritance. However, TypeScript takes it a little further and uses more OOP features.

Another great benefit of outsource TypeScript development is the access modifiers. There are three of them in TypeScript: public, private and protected.

There also are other features:

  • field definition in the constructor;
  • type conversion;
  • abstract classes;
  • generalization and more.

All this may come to JavaScript in the future, but it will be a long time before browsers start supporting it.