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Rust development

Rust is an ambitious project of Mozilla company, a programming language that, according to the creators’ idea, should become the next step in the evolution of C and C++. Our Rust development company uses this language in many projects, and our engineers have accumulated great expertise in this field.


Field of application of Rust development software


Operating systems and software

Rust was designed primarily as a system programming language. It provides enough memory management and vulnerability protection features to become a popular development tool for operating systems and major apps. The main problem with the language is the low support from the hardware manufacturers, who prefer to use C/C++ for their work.


Application of Rust in blockchain development

Systems based on the distributed ledger should be able to quickly process requests within the network with minimal load on the device. The C++ toolkit perfectly copes with this task (this is what Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains run on), and therefore the development of infrastructure by a dedicated Rust developer will be even more effective.


Outsource Rust development of web servers

Even today, Rust can be used to create full-fledged web projects; the language toolkit enables creating both the front-end and back-end. The client part is implemented, for example, on the Yew framework inspired by React and Angular. Easy web server development in Rust is possible thanks to actix-web,  a very productive framework supporting WebSockets, TLS and HTTP/2.0. Other tools available include rocket, conduit, gotham and pencil.


Rust machine learning

Neural networks on Rust look like an interesting prospect. Fast operation, low-level memory control using high-level abstractions can help Rust API become a more popular tool. But for now, machine learning in this programming language remains a realm of experiments. The Rust ecosystem lacks off-the-shelf, tested and reliable libraries for creating neural networks that can match or exceed the capabilities of their analogues on Python.

Benefits and peculiarities of Rust development outsourcing

A single compiler from the Rust developers with an integrated package manager and builder, a test system and a documentation generator.

Secure memory handling that prevents segmentation errors.

Ability to apply abstractions that facilitate manual memory control.

Fix options are provided for many errors during compilation; errors in templates are clear and concise.

Good compatibility with Mac and Unix-like systems.

Abstractions facilitate manual memory adjustments.

Clear description of errors in templates.

The creators of Rust promise that their language will steal the show from C and C++. Evrone developers have used it in a number of active projects, each of which enabled us to accumulate impressive experience. In this article, we will share our conclusions on the use of the language, its possible future and why it is a good decision to hire a Rust developer.

In C and C++, programmers have to deal with widely recognized issues over and over again. This includes difficulties in compilation, high probability of memory leaks, the process of managing memory manually and the well-known segfaults. Rust development outsourcing helps avoid these pitfalls while increasing performance and security.

History of Rust

Graydon Hoare began developing Rust in 2006. Mozilla got interested in the project in 2009, and one year later, a release of the new programming language was announced.

The Alpha version of Rust appeared in 2012. A year later, the creators of the Servo browser engine based on this language reported that their brainchild received support from Samsung. Thanks to this, it was possible to port the engine code to the ARM architecture.

Rust 1.0 was introduced in May 2015. In the same year, the language took third place in the Stack Overflow survey of favorite developer tools. Since 2016, Rust regularly tops this list.

Areas of application of outsource Rust development

Code in Rust complies with the four main concepts in programming: procedural, parallel, functional and OOP. Therefore, Rust is a versatile language that can be used in many areas. For example:

  • programming client applications and web servers;
  • blockchain;
  • creating custom operating systems;
  • writing programs and apps to monitor systems and servers;
  • development of general-purpose software;
  • infrastructure creation;
  • writing of engines for browsers and games.