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React Native development

With outsource React Native development, you can save up to 30% to 35% of the time and money required for creating iOS and Android apps, compared to using old technologies.


Advantages and peculiarities of React Native development outsourcing


Perfect for MVP

React Native is an excellent option if you plan to test your business hypothesis and need a functional solution with cool visualization. The possibility of simultaneous access to Android and iOS-markets helps quickly collect the first feedback on your product.


Common code basis

A dedicated React Native developer creates two separate versions of the app (for iOS and Android). But these two versions of the app share about 65% to 70% of similar code.
Having a common code minimizes the number of bugs in the course of development (the code volume will be almost two times smaller) and greatly simplifies supporting the product in the future.


As much native as possible

Unlike other cross-platform solutions like Cordova, Ionic, or Titanium, which simulate a browser environment (like a website that pretends to be a mobile app), React Native uses native APIs.


Big community

A great advantage with React Native development is the fact that the framework is regularly replenished with proven libraries from the React Native community. Such libraries are very well supported, so bug fixes and patches for the new framework version are released much faster. There is also a repository where you can acquire assistance if there is something amiss with updating the React Native version.


TypeScript support

Static typing = less bugs + simple project support and the possibility to easily create an app from a template. Our React Native development company uses TypeScript for all our projects, because it is really very good.


Quick and easy

With React Native development, you don’t need to support two platforms. We add a new function with React Native for one platform and 80% of the code runs on the other platform too.


Development speed

The cross-platform nature and easy development with React Native reduces the time required to implement a project (compared to native development). Support from the advanced React developer community also has a positive impact on implementation terms: a large number of plug-ins that can be used in React Native are freely available. Their application also simplifies the developer’s work.


Automatic updates

React Native development software offers one more significant advantage: Updates are installed in apps automatically, and you do not need to perform the standard manual installation procedure through the App Store (for iOS) or Play Store (for Android). The ability to automatically update all apps eliminates the risk of problems with earlier versions.


Wide range of components and ready-made solutions

If you need to develop an app quickly, there might not be wtime to write libraries and solutions from scratch. The ready-made components and solutions with React Native helped solve that problem.

This is a framework from Facebook for developing cross-platform native applications. It is built on the basis of ReactJS and does not use WebView, so there is no DOM API. React Native has no HTML and CSS, but there are some platform components in JSX and CSS-like polyfills.

React Native contains some JavaScript API over the native components. This means that the native components have certain binding in the JavaScript components of ReactJS. The relationship between the native and the JavaScript bundle is implemented through a bridge using the JavaScript API. Basically, this is the entire architecture.

React Native is currently used to develop apps exclusively for iOS and Android operating systems. However, it is expected that the framework also will supportother software, such asApple TVOS and Mac, in the near future.

Hire a React Native developer for your company to establish the processes of outsource app development.