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FrontEnd developers

Frontend is the public part of the site with which the user directly contacts. This is the font of the text, colors, layout, and all other components of the page. Fcs.Ninja is the largest blockchain development outsourcing company in Europe, Its world-class fintech and cloud engineering team with a solid background of practice that combines consulting, strategy, design and engineering at scale, can help with outsource frontend development.

Benefits of outsourcing frontend application development


Economic efficiency

Hiring employees is associated with costs: you need to provide the specialist with a workplace, a computer, pay for licenses to use the software. Hiring an outside specialist can help reduce overhead costs and increase profits.


Availability and scalability

The development cycle of projects is of varying intensity. Depending on the stage, different skill levels of specialists and the size of the team are required. At the start of development, a powerful team may be needed, while one dedicated specialist may be enough to maintain the finished system, quickly fix bugs and develop new functions.


Expertise and experience

It takes a long time to build a competent development team that will work effectively together. Many outsourcing companies have their own training systems and vertical organizational structure. If you need a separate project, then you will not have time for such long preparations. Thus, hiring an external resource to create a frontend will protect you from situations when the qualifications of an employee are not enough or the team needs to quickly expand to perform a sudden large amount of work.


Specificity of tasks

If you have a formalized technical task, design layouts and prototypes, then you can quickly submit the task to the front-end. You can strengthen your in-house design and development team through outsourcing. This will allow you to efficiently perform complex tasks. If there is communication between the team members and there is an administrative resource for managing the project team, then external employees will quickly establish interaction with your in-house staff.

Benefits of outsourcing frontend development from Fcs.Ninja

Highly qualified front-end developers

Outsourcing frontend development is a service that our clients often contact us for. All of our developers are proficient in modern development tools and popular front-end frameworks and know all the best practices and industry standards. 

Automated Testing

Implementation of best practices and the ability to write maintainable code allows Boosty Labs developers to create quality digital products. When working with projects, they set up automated testing, which allows them to work with a large combination of interface input parameters.

Attention to the needs of the client

When choosing a contractor for outsourcing frontend development, you need to understand the cooperation format and know what results you need. A reliable performer will offer different formats of remuneration, depending on the degree of responsibility that he will have to take on the project. We are ready to study your requirements, help form a technical solution and assemble a team that implements the project.

Debugged processes

We work fully distributed and have built processes that we are proud of. We develop using flexible methodologies and take the best from different approaches. It is easy for us to adapt the size and composition of teams to the tasks and changing conditions.

What is frontend

Previously, when the Internet was slower and browsers were weaker, website development was divided into two key stages – layout and programming. Today, the process of creating functional web services has become more complex and requires back- and front-end development. Front-end is an important component of any web project, which is responsible for the appearance of the site: graphical interface, buttons, navigation menu, texts, images. In other words, it is the part of the system that runs in an individual user's browser. Therefore, it is sometimes referred to as the client side. The quality of the frontend application will largely determine whether people use your product.

HTML, CSS and Javascript are the three pillars of any frontend application. 
HTML is the skeleton of the site that defines the layout of the main static elements and page content. Using CSS, the system tells the browser how the site should look, what color the pages will be, whether the buttons are rounded, and whether they cast shadows. Web layout is built on these two technologies. 
In the modern world, this is not enough, so sites are still actively using Javascript technology. This programming language allows you to run software scripts on the client side, that is, right in the browser. On the basis of this language, many development tools have appeared, which are usually called frameworks and libraries. They use Javascript or Typescript to efficiently solve specific problems and improve development efficiency in solving different problems. For example, using React Native, you can create mobile apps for iOS and Android.

The main differences between the frontend and the backend 
The backend is responsible for the server side of the site: it stores and organizes data, makes sure that everything works fine and the client receives the requested data. This part of the website is not visible to the user and cannot directly interact with it. The functionality of the backend application is available to users only through the front-end application. Processing business logic, implementing API, creating libraries, working with system components, creating algorithms, integrating with third-party services are also referred to as backend.