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Electron development

Electron development company is an open-source project actively supported by GitHub and a community of contributors. This library allows you to develop native graphic web apps with the help of web tech.


Pros of developing with Electron


Effortless interface design

You can build desktop apps easily with Electron. It is all about effortless interface design with web technologies and a rich API, with which you can create and customize the application to suit your needs.


Cross-platform development

Electron is quite a competitive solution for building cross-platform applications. There is no need for your development team or an outsource Electron development team to be skilled in such languages as C++ or Python. Electron uses rich resources of web tech and also Node.js, so that you can create apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


No need for rewriting

If it so happens you already have a functioning app, it doesn’t take much effort to move it to Electron. Electron development software provides a variety of functions for working with the application window.


Praised by community

Electron positions itself as an open-source project and has an ongoing community. It has become easier and more efficient to just hire Electron developers with a suitable set of skills or even find an Electron development outsourcing team. 

Electron is a framework for developing desktop web applications with the use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Such apps can operate on various platforms, among which are Windows, Mac and Linux.

The Electron is based on Chromium and Node.js, united in a single environment, which provides the application’s work. This makes it possible to build desktop programs with the usage of web technologies. That is why so many Electron developers are dedicated to this framework. 

Electron development software is used for various popular apps, such as  messengers Skype and Discord, code editors such as Visual Studio Code и Atom and more than 700 applications. You can find information about them on the Electron development company website.

There is only one drawback, though one might find it serious. Electron development consumes large amounts of memory compared to other technologies. An empty project can take up about 100-200 MB. For some users, it might be the reason to give up an app (Hello there, Skype). 

However, let us analyze the situation on the market. Nowadays, lots of acclaimed applications are based on Electron (Slack, Skype, Discord, VSCode, Atom, Postman, Insomnia, etc). Many of them are standard solutions in their field or are rapidly winning the hearts of users (like, for example, VSCode and Insomnia). People are keen on using those tools that do their day-to-day tasks well, despite some side effects. On the other hand, computers are becoming more powerful (at least, the growth of RAM has not stopped), and one might less and less hear responses from dissatisfied customers that “your chrome has eaten all my memory.” All in all, we say that increased memory consumption will not play a big difference if the product is really good in its area.