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Automation QA

Automated testing is essential for those apps that have very aggressive development cycles and feature multiple interconnected work processes. The earlier testing is started, the sooner the product will be introduced into real operation. That’s why we recommend outsourcing automation quality assurance (QA) at the earliest stages of development. A fresh look from an expert and independent testing using fine-tuned methods allow detecting and eliminating software errors at the development stage, which improves system functionality and performance, saves you from future financial expenses, and helps reach a viable product quicker. Don’t be afraid to entrust software testing to experienced software development engineers.

Types of Automation QA


Functional testing

Each of the functions of the app and all of them in a complex are tested in quality assurance measures. All use cases are examined. Fitness of stored and output data, methods of their processing, input data processing, data storage methods and data import and export methods are verified, depending on specific features of the app.


Configuration testing

Configuration testing enables checking how the app works with different screen resolutions, in different browsers, on different operating systems and with different software and hardware.


Security testing

This type of outsource automation testing allows ensuring that the data is stored securely and is inaccessible to unauthorized parties. During storage, processing and other work with the data, it cannot be retrieved by unauthorized access methods. Security of the database, communication channels, data input and output interfaces are checked.


Load testing

This type of testing allows detecting the level of critical loads when working with databases, Internet servers, networks and other resources. Using automated tests, it is possible to reproduce typical scenarios of user activity and multiply their number, thus simulating operation of the system with 100 or 10,000 active users.


Usability testing

Usability testing is the best way to evaluate your software usability and find out how to improve its competitiveness.


Localization testing

With localization testing, developers can evaluate the high-quality adaptation of the product to the language and cultural peculiarities of your users.


Crypto friendly

We accept your project's native crypto as a payment method for our services (if your project is in CMC 300 rating), which allows you to save more cash on your bank account to drive other business needs. This flexibility demonstrates why Fcs.Ninja stands out as a blockchain app development agency committed to fostering innovation and ease of transaction.

Why Outsource Automation QA to Fcs.Ninja?


We have a dedicated team.
From the first day of cooperation, our testers become an organic part of your development team.


All services are in one place.
We can cover all of your automation testing outsourcing needs. You don’t need to look for another contractor to complete complex tasks.


We have the same devices as your customers.
Do you know what kind of device your customer uses? Right, any kind of device. We can help you identify app failures on all the devices your customers may be using.


We have experience in testing.
We’ve been working in the market for years and offer all kinds of tests: load, functionality, security, usability and automation.

The purpose of automation testing

Are you sure that the search using the parameters is working correctly on your site? Have you checked all parameter combinations? Remember that if the user doesn’t find the right product, you’ll lose a part of your profits.

Do you know that 10% of users use non-standard browsers? Do you know how your site looks in those browsers? Does it work at all? Losing 10% of your potential customers is not a good idea.

Aren’t you worried that one day a hacker might corrupt your database or disrupt your site’s operation? What have you done to prevent this? That’s why checking your security is so important.

Are you ready for an increase in popularity of your site? Do you know what would happen if your ads hit the target and the number of your visitors increases by 10 times? It would be a pity if the server fails at just that moment.

Is your site simple and clear enough? Will each user be able to understand how to order a product? And how to find it? Will they leave to your competitors’ site, which is simpler and clearer?

In the most general meaning, software testing automation implies checking test scenarios automatically. The main advantage of this approach is a significant reduction in labor and cost for long-term projects, as well as minimization of the human factor. In addition, software testing automation enables running much more unique test scenarios, ensuring adequate depth of coverage of your system through testing.

When is it reasonable to use automation testing?

  • Smoketest for large systems (involves many simple but time-consuming tasks);
  • Regression testing (multiple runs of the same tests);
  • Configuration testing to verify the app’s functionality with different settings (the app has 100 parameters in the configuration file, with each parameter having 100 values, resulting in 10,000 configuration file options to be tested);
  • Distributed testing (emulation of multiple client and server component operation);
  • Integration testing (end-to-end scenarios involving multiple subsystems);
  • Load and performance testing (emulation of multi-user activities, load model management).

Economic feasibility of automation testing

On one hand, writing and maintaining up-to-date automated testing for web apps requires additional manpower. On the other hand, this investment is more than justified, because automation does the work of one or more manual testers in regular regression tests and repetitive iterative checks. An unloaded software-development engineer in test (SDET) performs more sophisticated tasks in terms of technical and analytical complexity, requiring a manual approach. Using this type of testing is justified from an economic point of view if the project to be tested is multi-component, complex or long-term.

Some examples of automation testing service:

Customer acceptance testing
Pre-launch release testing. Service or product operation is tested under real conditions on hundreds of device/OS combinations; these tests cannot be passed in the lab. It is executed according to user scenarios and/or free search.
Outsourcing automation QA in Viet Nam
Viet Nam has teams of experienced and skilled QA specialists with expertise in the right technology, complete testing methodology and tools for any IT quality assurance tasks.

Automation QA outsourcing
Outsourcing automation testing specialists and teams. Development of test automation frameworks, API test automation, test regression, unit testing and devops integration.

Payment testing
Testing of online and offline payment transactions, checking the correctness of transaction processing logic and standards compliance, verifying correct operation of terminals from different manufacturers.

Localization testing
Testing by native speakers from 190+ countries of the world for how well the product is adapted to the market, in accordance with the cultural peculiarities of the country. In particular, testing the user interface, error texts, data formats, etc.